Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let's Get Things Straight Here

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny 

Shampoo Conditioner and Serum

price : ~ less than $10.00 per shampoo/conditioner ~$16.00-$24.00 for serum

ups : smells like watermelon/ has soothing aloe and algae to calm hair/ works great on curly, wavy and straight hair, it helps maintain that wanted straight look by making it easier to straighten with a flat iron or blow dry straight/ the serum is best used on wet and dry hair which is amazing/ serum is not oily when using recommended amount/

downs : if you use too much serum, your hair feels greasy/ only protects your hair if your hair is dried first, with a heat protector such as Paul Mitchell Heat Seal.

who needs it/ looking for something?: if you have hair that is just a little frizzy, or maybe is curly or wavy and you want to calm it down and straighten it, the super skinny line from Paul Mitchell is probably your best/cheapest bet. For being a quality salon product, it is greatly priced. Your hair gets that needed relaxation to help straighten your hair.

personal : my hair is the thickest and curliest, almost like the new movie Brave, from disney. From time to time I want to have straight hair and it takes a long time to go from this to this. Obviously, my hair is living proof!


Getthing Your Everyday Cleanse On!

Brocato Splassh Shampoo and Conditioner

price : ~ less than $14.00 per shampoo/conditioner

ups : lightweight/can use daily (because of lightweight design formula)/ smells like cherries and almonds/ all hair types; i.e. curly, straight, wavy, thick, thin, fine, coarse./ made with soothing herbs/ helps with detangling/ natural ingredients provide a sun protection for your hair when used/ contains amino acids which help with maintaining and getting healthy hair.

downs : lightweight may cause people to use more than they have to/ daily washing may cause to run out fast, but you really only want to wash your hair every other day at the least/ all hair is different so it may not be as cleansing as you need it to be.

who needs it/ looking for something? : if you have hair with some damage, color treated and also tends to get oily, fast, this fresh scented daily wash combo is what you want.  With natural ingredients, these products help your hair to mend any damage while protecting color and not stripping any main nutrients from your hair like most cleaners.

personal : Overall, this hair product works amazing.  It is a healthy, natural shampoo and conditioner.  When I used this, my curls felt softer, fresh and clean, not stripped of anything at all like most cleaners feel like.  Your hair feels pretty hydrated rather then dry.  I strongly reccomend this product. tell me what you think or if you see any changes that need to be made kthanksbye,loveya.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner

price : ~ $28.00 per shampoo/conditioner

ups : smells amazing/ it refreshes your scalp/ 100% vegan/ it helps with dry scalp/ it cools your scalp and also leaves it tingly and fresh/ highly concentrated which means you literally can have one of these sets for a few months at the least(if not, you're using too much)/ it's a very effective hydrating shampoo and conditioner/

downs : it's hands down one of the most expensive products you can buy/ 

who needs it/ looking for something? : if your hair is over processed, dry, damaged, or just is stressed, this dynamic duo of deep cleaning shampoo and conditioner is honestly the only way to go. Your hair just feels so much cleaner and healthier, even after the first use, it's marvelous.

personal : here is one special case where a product only has one down, it's pricey as hell unless you're are one of those people who always get's free amazing hair products... jealous as everyone else should be. I've used it before, I love it, it smells great, it is very strong, it's a eucalyptus with a minty kick and one you can feel with it just being on your scalp. I haven't met a single person who has ever downed this great product, but everyone's hair is different, try this out, you will love it forsure. kthanksbye,loveya. 

Tigi CatWalk Curlesque

Tigi's CatWalk Curlesque Shampoo and Conditioner

price : ~ less than $19.00 per shampoo/conditioner

ups : sulfate free/ parabens(wax) free/ you only have to use about a quarter size drop and you're covered/ such a great smell/ your curls actually looked maintained and not so frizzy/

downs: it seems to go fast/ if you have way thick, curlier, long hair, you have to use a little more than the recommended above/ depending on your skin type, you may possibly break out, (haven't seen any of these cases yet)/

who needs it/ looking for something? : if you have unruly curls, ultimate frizz and just down right fucked up curls, this product will set your curls straight, especially the shampoo, it defining shampoo, designed to help DEFINE your curls, help them take form and shape to look their best. 

personal : so obviously the good ways out the bad, it's tigi, a super awesome product if you have crazy unmanageable hair, like me. I hope you agree with this review, comment, email, ask me anything, I'm open to whatever, even changing my ups and downs if you think I should, kthanksbye,loveya.
So pretty much this blog is going to be about hair, curly and wavy hair mostly and also straight/straightening tips too.  It's hard to find a good site/blog where it's actually the point from the consumer as well as someone who sold the product and tried out most of what really works first hand, so feel free to ask or make any suggestions kthanksbyelove ya.