Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tigi CatWalk Curlesque

Tigi's CatWalk Curlesque Shampoo and Conditioner

price : ~ less than $19.00 per shampoo/conditioner

ups : sulfate free/ parabens(wax) free/ you only have to use about a quarter size drop and you're covered/ such a great smell/ your curls actually looked maintained and not so frizzy/

downs: it seems to go fast/ if you have way thick, curlier, long hair, you have to use a little more than the recommended above/ depending on your skin type, you may possibly break out, (haven't seen any of these cases yet)/

who needs it/ looking for something? : if you have unruly curls, ultimate frizz and just down right fucked up curls, this product will set your curls straight, especially the shampoo, it defining shampoo, designed to help DEFINE your curls, help them take form and shape to look their best. 

personal : so obviously the good ways out the bad, it's tigi, a super awesome product if you have crazy unmanageable hair, like me. I hope you agree with this review, comment, email, ask me anything, I'm open to whatever, even changing my ups and downs if you think I should, kthanksbye,loveya.

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