Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let's Get Things Straight Here

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny 

Shampoo Conditioner and Serum

price : ~ less than $10.00 per shampoo/conditioner ~$16.00-$24.00 for serum

ups : smells like watermelon/ has soothing aloe and algae to calm hair/ works great on curly, wavy and straight hair, it helps maintain that wanted straight look by making it easier to straighten with a flat iron or blow dry straight/ the serum is best used on wet and dry hair which is amazing/ serum is not oily when using recommended amount/

downs : if you use too much serum, your hair feels greasy/ only protects your hair if your hair is dried first, with a heat protector such as Paul Mitchell Heat Seal.

who needs it/ looking for something?: if you have hair that is just a little frizzy, or maybe is curly or wavy and you want to calm it down and straighten it, the super skinny line from Paul Mitchell is probably your best/cheapest bet. For being a quality salon product, it is greatly priced. Your hair gets that needed relaxation to help straighten your hair.

personal : my hair is the thickest and curliest, almost like the new movie Brave, from disney. From time to time I want to have straight hair and it takes a long time to go from this to this. Obviously, my hair is living proof!


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